Measuring for Kitchen for Cabinets

September 15th, 2011

There is absolutely nothing worse than ordering something for your house—a sink, flooring, window treatments or cabinetry—and then discovering when you get it that it doesn’t fit properly. Measuring badly wastes time and especially money, as you’ll have to pay to either replace or fix the item, and chances are that it’ll never be as good as it would have been if it had been made the right size in the first place.

When it comes time to measure your kitchen for the beautiful new cabinets you want, it’s a good idea to get a friend to hold the other end of the tape measure for you. Metal tape measures are the most accurate. Draw up a rough diagram of your kitchen, so that you can write your measurements right onto it. Measure down to the nearest eighth of an inch, and always measure twice and write down your measurements immediately, before you forget them. Measure the height and depth of every row of cabinets, both top and bottom. Measure the depth by opening a door and measuring the shelf inside. Be sure to write down which measurement is which.

Cabinets are usually sold by linear foot, so you will need to take especial note of the length of each row of cabinets. If you have one of those special corner cabinets, that has to be measured with especial care. Corner cabinets are the first things to be installed, and if their size is off, the whole kitchen has problems. To measure it, measure from the corner out on both sides, along the back. Both sides may be the same length, but they may not be either. Also measure the depth of the shelves (on the side, not in the corner), and the height as you would for any other unit.

Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding

June 12th, 2011

Vinyl Siding is cost effective, for it is a durable form of home siding and requires little maintenance. The following are some simple steps to maintain your siding in its best condition for a long time.

First of all, clean your vinyl siding every now and then. Do not wait for the rain to wash away the dirt. Clean your siding before the dirt is caked on and becomes hard to remove. What you need are just a spray hose, a brush and solvents. Add in white vinegar or quart bleach if there is mold. Sidings with wood grain finish will call for more regular washing. In addition, have a thorough cleaning once a year to clean away the dregs. Power washer will give a better effect, but remember to spray it downward to avoid getting water trapped at the back of the vinyl panels.

Then, while cleaning, brush from bottom to the top and then rinse from top to bottom. This is important to avoid staining from the dirty water. Besides, avoid spraying water into your living room by closing your windows and doors. Protect your plants with plastic before using bleach or other solvents. To be safe, switch off the power for electrical items like lights that may get wet during the cleaning.

After that, only repaint your siding if the scratches are very serious, because they are usually practically undetectable unless you go very near. You can avoid any scratches by trying not to lean bikes, ladders or any heavy items against them. Besides that, avoid scrubbing on vinyl because this will worsen the situation. Moreover, avoid hitting the vinyl panels because they may break.

And last but not least, keep your vinyl siding away from intense hot or cold temperature. Extreme heat may melt the plastic while extreme cold may make it brittle. Therefore, avoid grilling and putting yard torches near your siding.

Building a Termite Barrier

June 4th, 2011

Did you recently realize that you house might be susceptible to the invasion of termites (also known as white ants)? You should contact your local pest exterminator so that they can aid you confirming if your house is safe from these pesky creatures. One of the many measures the professionals will take is the soil barrier treatment. What is a soil barrier treatment you may ask?

Chemical soil barrier engage in treating the soil at the bottom of the building with a registered termiticide chemical. This will discourage termites from travelling through the soil to get to the timbers of the structure which is above ground. In the event that termites have already infested the area by the time the of the chemical soil treatment barrier, these termites who are inside the structure could return safely to their own central colony. This is because they can’t get past the chemical to get to the other side where the colony is situated.

Termites have a habit of touching base; returning to their central nest to get moisture essential for survival as well as to feed and groom the young termites. It is not easy to carry out the chemical soil barrier; this requires termite control professionals with the knowledge and specialized equipment to form an entire and constant barrier to protect the building from entry of termite and also infestation.

There are several types of chemicals that have been approved by a governing body, but there are also some solvent based pesticides which could be harmful to asthmatics individuals during the drying process – so home owners should inquire about all these issues before the professionals get to work.

Why You Should Buy Bay Windows Online

May 29th, 2011

Do you know where you should be buying bay windows? What most people think is the only place to buy bay windows is at a window shop or with a glass company but that is not entirely true. What you need to understand is that you can buy bay windows from hardware stores, local window retailers, and even online. The thing about buying bay windows online is that you don’t really get to see them prior to receiving them which might be a little scary, but then again if you order a bay window from any company you won’t see it until the day it arrives at your home.

One of the biggest reasons why you should buy home windows online is because they have a much bigger selection than most hardware stores and window companies combined. This is very important to understand and know because far too many people would not even think to look online for an item as large as a bay window but the fact of the matter is buying bay windows online will actually save you time and money. Just think, if you don’t get a bay window online then you have to drive around store to store looking for the bay window you want and try to negotiate to get it at the price you want.

One other reason why you should buy bay windows online is because you will be able to get a much lower price. The reason why buying a bay window online will yield you a much lower price is because you are not working through any middlemen, you are going directly to the source. Eliminating middlemen in the buying process is a huge step simply because this is where a lot of the money is. If you calculate what most people upsell a bay window for it is normally around 20% more and this is a huge savings especially if you are paying $2000 for the bay window already. I am not saying that everybody is doing this but the truth is that most people that buy and sell bay windows do put quite a bit of money into the products that they want to also see some return on their investment as well.

Storm Window Installation

April 8th, 2011

Although storm windows are normally installed as an integral part of your climate control system in your home, there are other considerations which many people don’t stop to think about. First of all, the installation of the storm windows is of vital importance. A good contractor will make absolutely certain that they are hung square in place with your existing primary windows whether they are installed on the exterior or on the interior. A shoddy installation will be obvious from the very beginning simply because it will be obvious because they just won’t look right.

Next, a good storm windows contractor will make sure that it will be easy to lift them out for cleaning. Even though they will be air tight, moisture will still get in between from the existing glass side. On the other side there are likely to be fingerprints and bits of dust or smudges from the elements. Storm windows should serve a purpose in helping with climate control, but they should also be aesthetically pleasing.

There are ways to work around exterior storm windows, however. A good contractor will make sure that exterior storm windows have what is called ‘weep holes’ so that any moisture collecting within will be able to ventilate in order to dry out. Although there is a tiny amount of energy loss with those weep holes, without them you leave the wood frames of the existing windows open to rot or other damage from moisture. Your window installer will be able to discuss with you how they best hope to accomplish both the cosmetic as well as the functional end of your new storm window installation.

Restoring Sash windows

April 4th, 2011

Many old properties built in the Victorian era have bay sash windows. The attraction to these houses is often due to the windows. Old sash windows help to keep the feel of the property and it is important to keep them as they were when they were built. Many home owners who own Victorian properties often opt to keep their sash windows as it can add value and attract attention to the property.

Victorian buildings which have modern UPVC windows often look out of place and can lose the kerb appeal and charm that they once had. This is why home owners will chose to have the sash windows restored or replaced with replica windows rather then opting for modern day windows. Even though they are much more energy efficient they can be very ugly.

Old sash windows which are in need of repair should be tended to straight away, if you leave it too long and the wood gets heavily damaged it can be a lot harder and more expensive to restore the bay windows. Most home owners often have professionals into to make the necessary restoration fixes, but it can be possible to do this yourself. The idea of restoring something is that you keep it as it was and try not to change it too much so researching the history of your property can help discover what time roughly it was built. To help protect you sash bay windows from being replaced you can carry out maintenance to help reserve them. By servicing your windows regularly you can help stop the wood from rotting and by oiling joints you can keep them lose and usable.

Most window restoration companies will remove bits of the window bit by bit and replace parts which can not be patched up. When the windows are being restored so should all the sealing’s around the window frame.

getting pre construction profit

November 16th, 2010

Preconstruction buying has advantages for buyers and builders, because it allows people to buy property at a locked-in price.  This helps developers and builders because it promotes sales.  All you have to do to take part is to make an investment of as little as five percent of the purchase price, and make payments as the work is completed.  Buyers can make a deal on a property with little startup cost, and end up paying less for the finished product, while builders can sell an entire development before they even lay the foundation.
The process starts when the builder or developer puts the building plans up for prospective buyers to examine.  Usually, interested parties get a look at the architect’s rendering, and floor plans for homes and condos.  Preconstruction prices are generally much lower than the price of a completed unit.  Theoretically, buyers get the disocunt because they are willing to take a chance by investing in something that doesn’t exist yet, but they are also a very important part of the construction process because their purchases help make it much easier for builders to secure funding for the project.
If you happen to be interested in preconstruction sales, check the classifieds in your local newspaper or on the Web, or talk to a realtor to see what’s for sale in your area.  Examine each offer, and make a list of those that suit your needs and your price range.  Investigate the developer’s track record, and steer clear of those who have more than a few complaints.  You should also find out what similar units are going for in the surrounding area, and what developments may be built in the future (especially important for those buying waterfront property, as future buildings may mar the beautiful view you’ve just paid for).
After you’ve reassured yourself of the integrity of the builder and the location and price of the property, you can go ahead and put down your first payment.  Most pre-sale properties charge a 5-10% reservation fee, with some being as low as $1000.  Your money is held in escrow, and you can terminate the agreement at any time.  Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone yet, and the developer can raise the price at will.
When the builder gets all the permits that they need, and the legal right to sell, you and they can sign an official contract.  At that time, a payment of up to 20% of the full purchase price is due.  You can choose to pay the builder directly, or obtain a letter of credit.  After the papers are signed, no more money has to change hands until you’re ready to move in.  Be careful when signing, because in most states the contract legally binds you to buy the unit, or risk losing your deposit.  States like Florida offer a fifteen-day period in which you can withdraw from the agreement without penalty.  To be safe, run the deal by a qualified attorney.
Construction can last anywhere from six months to two years, and the contract typically has an expiration date.  If the builder isn’t done with the unit by then, you are entitled to a refund and aren’t obligated to buy the property.  During the construction, the price may or may not increase.  If you choose, you can find another buyer for the property and keep any profits.  Closing works much like it does in any other real estate transaction, and you’ll have to pay any and all fees that are due.
Preconstruction buying is a great deal most of the time, but there are things that must be considered.  Learn what you should and shouldn’t do, and if you think you are getting in over your head, consult with a real-estate lawyer to protect your interests.  We hope this article has given you a little more knowledge of the preconstruction process.

Basement Replacement Windows

November 1st, 2010

While choosing building supplies that are going to be used in the basement it is important that homeowners choose materials that are going to withstand the moisture that is commonly found in basements. Using vinyl doors & windows can be an effective way to avoid the rot that can occur through the wooden panes in traditional windows, and can even help to reduce damage from moisture cause by existing wooden pane windows.

Aside from protecting the windows against the threat of mildew and mold throughout the window pane, the vinyl windows can be an effective way to ensure that the homeowner can reduce the instance of moisture seeping into the basement through the wooden panes that have been used in traditional windows.

Vinyl windows are sealed with vinyl throughout the entire length of the window, reducing the moisture that can seep into the basement and cause the moist smell that some basements have succumbed to.

Once the vinyl windows have been installed into the basement they can be easily maintained. The windows require little to no upkeep, even in the case that they are level with the ground and exposed to dirt, grass and moisture. For this reason, many homeowners that are renovating the basement often consider making the switch to vinyl windows, to protect the upgrades and materials that have been used while renovating the basement.

The best choice for windows that are being installed into the basement that are being installed new, or used to replace the existing window that was present in the basement are double paned vinyl windows. These types of windows are going to allow for the least amount of air to escape from the home as well as ensuring the highest level of protection against moisture that can potentially enter the home.

To get get replacement windows in Florida that are going to protect in the moist climate, vinyl is a necessity.

While choosing the windows, the homeowner has the choice of many colors and styles of windows that can be used in the home – ensuring that the windows chosen are going to add value to the overall design and features of the home.